What is a Peer Recovery Coach?

A Peer Recovery Coach is a person who provides support to individuals with alcohol and drug addiction issues. Recovery Coaching is the process of promoting ideas and actions that will give their clients the best chance for success in Recovery. This role has also been referred to as a Sober Coach, a Peer Recovery Specialist and Peer Recovery Support Specialist.

What is a Certified Recovery Coach is Not?

Recovery Coaches, or a Sobriety Coach is not a substitute for a Sponsor in a 12 Step Program. A Sponsor is a person that takes someone through the 12 Steps of programs like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. It is strictly prohibited and unethical for anyone in recovery to be paid to provide this type of counseling. A Recovery Coach can be looked at as someone who provides all other services, excluding that of being a Sponsor.

Recovery Coaching Services

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The services provided by these professions include, but are NOT limited to:

  • 12 Step Program Accountability
  • Recovery Guidance
  • Creation of a Recovery Plan
  • Promotion of Service Work Opportunities
  • Promotion and Even Attendance with 12 Step Meetings
  • Achieving and Maintains a Solid Foundation in Recovery
  • Drug Screen Administration
  • Breathalyzer Administration

Recovery Coach Directory


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We have brought together a collection of some of the best Addiction Recovery Videos online. Anyone interested in drug and alcohol substance abuse issues will get a huge amount of knowledge and appreciation from the stories and documentaries.

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The PeerRecoveryCoach.com Addiction Recovery Blog features a collection of Blog Posts, Articles and Studies posted by our members, professionals in the field of addiction treatment. We encourage all our members to contribute there thoughts and work.

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The News and Updates section of PeerRecoveryCoach.com is comprised of Videos, Images, links to articles and other information provided by our members. This is a great place to find the latest information about the recovery community and movement.

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If you are a Peer Recovery Support Specialist seeking available Recovery Coach Jobs, we have you covered. Find literally hundreds of available open positions across the US.

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